What We Do

The Business Manager wears many hats, serving the hybrid roles of personal CFO, Controller, bookkeeper, database manager and sometimes even psychologist.

For decades professionals in the entertainment field have engaged specialists to manage their financial affairs, including the day-to-day responsibilities associated with making a living.  Business Management Firms burgeoned in the centers of the television, motion picture and music industry:  Los Angeles, New York City and Nashville.  Showbiz people recognize the benefits associated with using a full-service financial manager to provide sound guidance and business counsel and to liberate them from the routine and time consuming tasks associated with handling their financial affairs.

Individuals who may benefit from the services of a personal financial manager are not limited to entertainers.  Business executives, entrepreneurs, physicians, academics, realtors, bankers, investors, architects and other active professionals can simplify their lives and focus their attention on career, family, leisure and other priorities.  Retired individuals seeking to preserve their free time may likewise benefit from the services we provide, as would individuals who have little or no experience handling their personal finances.

The Business Manager wears many hats, serving in the hybrid roles of personal CFO, Controller, bookkeeper, database manager, and sometimes even psychologist.  Our firm provides the expertise to navigate the often complex, but always time-consuming, world of taxes, investments, real estate, insurance, financial reporting and document management.  We manage the day-today elements of your personal business affairs, thereby minimizing your direct involvement in these vexing and time-consuming tasks.

The benefits derived from retaining a Business Manager are not only quantitative (more free time) but are also qualitative (the elimination of stress).   As to the burdens of the daily routine, the Business Manager takes the weight off your shoulders.  You no longer need to worry about whether the life insurance premium was paid or if your passport has expired of or if you have sufficient cash for the European trip.  There will be no more guesswork when preparing budgets or cash flow projections.  Your decisions will be made in the context of accurate and meaningful information.  We do not substitute for your own judgment; rather, we facilitate informed analysis by transforming thousands of bits of information into a concise and coherent database from which rational decisions may be made.

Your Life As A Database

When all is said and done Business Management is Information Management.  We are the curators of the data of your life.  Data may be in the form of your financial transactions: the general ledger, the trial balance, the check and credit card registers, the income statement, balance sheets, cash flow projections and related financial statements.  Or the data may consist of the invoices, statements, emails, trust instruments, checks, receipts, contracts, closing statements, tax returns, insurance policies and other paperwork that comprise the documentary history of financial and other life transactions.  In the Internet age data also includes user names, passwords, security images, PINs, birthdates, mother’s maiden names, the answers to challenge questions and other verification data.

The fundamental question is: can you efficiently and effectively manage this mountain of information or will you benefit from the know-how of a professional who does this for a living?  You can continue to struggle with reconciling bank accounts, managing cash, budgeting your expenses, and organizing your tax documents.  Or you can be liberated from these tedious and time-consuming tasks and redirect precious hours to more compelling priorities: family, career, leisure and creative pursuits.