PDFs Save the Day

Paper is an inefficient medium on which to store information. When information is managed in a digital format, a whole new world of efficiency, productivity, and creativity emerges. Think about accessing your collection of songs and compare the experience of searching through bookcases full of vinyl records versus browsing the iPod that fits in your pocket. That’s the digital difference.

The benefits of a digital platform are abundant. When our client’s travel bag was stolen in Europe, high-resolution color PDFs of her passport, driver’s license, birth certificate, and social security card were sent to her iPhone in a matter of minutes. Having these documents literally at her fingertips greatly facilitated the process of securing a temporary passport at the American Consulate.

When another client travelled to the East Coast to enroll his son in college, we received a frantic call when the frazzled father realized that copies of his son’s birth certificate and social security card—both of which were required to finalize enrollment—had been left behind. The school accepted the PDFs that we emailed to the Registrar and our client was thrilled that his son could continue his registration without delay. Just as important, his wife didn’t have to tear apart the house searching for the misplaced documents.

You are probably living in analog mode: the paperwork of your life scattered about in file cabinets, banker’s boxes, accordion files, and manila folders. Finding a particular document in that environment is frustrating, time-consuming, and often fruitless. That changes when we take over your Business Management. We digitize your life. Our goal is to consolidate this mass of disorganized paperwork into an orderly and concise database. Unlike many Business Managers, we do not regard the task of overseeing the paperwork of your life to be a low priority ancillary function. These documents are assets to be managed and protected with the same dedication that one would safeguard a million dollar piece of artwork. As the curators of this collection of data, we ensure that any document is readily accessible while simultaneously remaining confidential. Just think about it: the thousands upon thousands of pages of your life can be stored on a flash drive.

The digital approach also streamlines tasks that involve the production and processing of copious volumes of paperwork. For example, the application for a mortgage refinance is an exercise in frustration and tedium, requiring the submission of dozens of documents including tax returns, bank and investment statements, W-2s, 1099s, Trust certifications, and other items. This production becomes seamless when PDF files are dragged from an organized digital database into a virtual folder that is then emailed to the mortgage broker. By eliminating photocopies from the process, the digital approach is one that is also kinder to the environment.