The Document Database:  Digitizing Your Life

The second component of our Business Management platform is the document management system within which all of your paperwork is stored in digital format.  We are committed to a paperless approach to managing your documents.  All of the paperwork of your life is converted to digital files and organized in a virtual filing system.  Paper files that are converted to PDFs include, but are not limited to, bank, investment and credit card statements; tax returns; insurance policies; real estate escrow documents; wills and trusts; monthly payables; and virtually any other documents you would like us to digitize.  The end result is that tens of thousands of pages of the documentary history of your financial life can be stored on a flash drive.

We live in a digital world.  The benefits of the digital age are literally at our fingertips:  The razor sharp clarity of an HDTV image, the access to thousands of songs on an iPod, the joy of a FaceTime call with someone half way across the world.  We are proponents of pushing the limits of technology and when it comes to your documents our goal is to replace the manila folders overflowing with tax returns, bank statements and utility bills with pristine digital files organized in virtual folders.  We convert every piece of paper that crosses our desk into a PDF and in so doing we digitize your life.

Digital technology and the Internet have revolutionized the management of personal data and brought tremendous efficiency in the day-to-day administrative tasks of both the home and the office.  Yet many otherwise tech-savvy firms fail to deploy technology that can bring unparalleled productivity to the management of your stuff.  That is why many business management firms are visions of a bygone era: offices cluttered with stacks of paperwork and folders, the snail mail delivery of documents and the employment of clerks to maintain row after row of file cabinets.

We fully embrace technology that brings radical productivity to the organization of your life.  But we are not home organizers.  Our objective is not to shuffle paperwork, hole punch documents and arrange your stuff in binders with fancy labels.  We have bigger fish to fry.  Our goal is to transform your documents into a cohesive database with all the bells and whistles that emanate from the digital platform including indexing, OCR text recognition and access management.  All of your documents, financial and otherwise, are converted to indexed PDFs organized in a virtual filing system.  The documents themselves are transformed via optical character recognition into machine-encoded text thereby rendering the contents of each and every PDF searchable.  Whether it is a receipt for the purchase of a pack of gum or the closing statement on the acquisition of a house, we scan, index and digitally file every piece of paper that you may accumulate.  We put your life on a flash drive.

When managing paperwork clients often wonder whether a particular document should be retained or discarded.  We take the guesswork and uncertainty out of this decision by simply keeping a digital file of every document.  We are, in fact, digital hoarders.  But you won’t find us on the television show of the same name.  Our digital files take up no physical space, they don’t smell bad and they don’t carry airborne bacteria.   All of the documents of your life are organized in a logical file management system that transforms chaos into order.

Some new clients are reluctant to take the leap into the paperless world.  We understand their hesitation. But clients soon appreciate the benefits derived from transforming tens of thousands of pages of paper into digital files.  Every document is a mouse-click away and instantaneously accessible. You can eliminate clutter and redeploy physical space to better uses.  Your documents are permanently saved and are immune from damage or destruction caused by fires, earthquakes and floods.  While ink fades and paper deteriorates over time, a PDF image retains its integrity forever.  Your private files are secured from wandering eyes: you will never have to worry about a relative or staff member snooping through the tax returns in the filing cabinet in your den.  Your database is portable.  If you move across the country you don’t have mountains of files to relocate.  If you are on vacation your entire database is available from virtually any location in the world having an Internet connection.  We are confident that once you take the digital leap you will never return to the paper world.