About Us


Born and raised in Bolton, a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts, Bill began his accounting career at Ernst & Young, working in the Boston and San Francisco offices. After being promoted to Tax Manager, Bill relocated to Los Angeles where he transitioned to the field of Business Management. He served as the Tax Director of a prominent entertainment Business Management firm before redirecting his focus towards accounting and operations management. Most recently he was the Controller and Tax Manager of a large Family Office in Century City. In 2010 he formed X6 Management.

Bill has a passion for applying the principles of operations management to the accounting profession. He has long held an interest in utilizing technology to boost productivity and quality in bookkeeping and to enhance accuracy and timeliness in financial reporting. For 14 years he has been at the forefront of applying digital document management to bring the paperless office into reality. He is an expert on the use of bank feeds to facilitate data entry into Quickbooks and is exploring the concept of automated bookkeeping.  At X6, Bill is in charge of the annual reconciliation between Quickbooks and third party tax reporting and puts together a mean set of tax workpapers. He is writing a book, Proactive Accounting, that provides guidance on applying the principals of operations management to the accounting profession and that details best accounting practices for high net worth individuals.

Bill has a BA in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and an MBA in Finance from Boston University.

Bill is passionate about contemporary art, architecture and skyscrapers. He regularly surfs the Skyscrapercity.com website in search of tall buildings from around the world. He is abundantly curious when it comes to residential house design and frequently befriends building crews in order to gain access to interesting homes under construction. He is also a fast-food aficionado with a fondness for donuts.

Bill splits his time between Las Vegas, where he resides, and Los Angeles, where many of his clients live.


With over 20 years of experience in the accounting field—most recently as the Fiscal Director of the Centinela Valley High School District—Marco is in charge of ensuring accurate, complete, and fully reconciled general ledgers for all X6 clients. Like Bill, Marco is proficient in the Quickbooks bank feed application shares with Bill an interested in automating accounting. He reviews all of the register entries for numerical accuracy and ensures that all transactions are coded to the proper accounts. Marco also assists in the preparation of the monthly transaction reports and oversees the digital document management system.

Marco holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the University of St. Thomas in Manila and a Certificate in International Business and Finance from UCLA.

Marco resides in Las Vegas but also makes regular trips to Los Angeles in connection with his work.


Eydi is an ace data flow manager whose knowledge of the inner workings of Quickbooks is unmatched. An expert on the Quickbooks bank feed Eydi manages a significant volume of our data import and is always on the lookout for applications that boost productivity.